Calloused earth


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I’ve been trimming the tree,
Pairing down the rotting fruit
And the worms infesting
Will be crushed in my hand
In this garden where I am king,
I’m the wind, the wolf, and vulture
I feed on the living
Consuming them
Devouring their hearts

I find it hard to feel
Emotions in a normal way
Calm and detached
It’s like I’m writing a book,
Lives, turned like a page,
with my bloody hand

Studied with my distant eyes
Felt with my calloused heart
The heart of the problem is
That what I see in you is me

A willingness to serve my self-interest
Makes me feel just like the rest.

Defenestrate, evicting souls
I laugh harder as they go
And then I’m alone
Empty kingdom, quiet throne

Realize that people are sand
Their lives sleeping through the fingers of my hand
I bury my love, I bury my friends
I smell the soil, I smell the end

A willingness to kill with disinterest
I’m the ocean, fire, and wind

Defenestrate, evicting souls
I laugh harder as they fall
And then I’m alone
Empty kingdom, quiet throne

I’m the earth, I hungry,
I need your flesh to make my soil
And your blood to fill my rivers.
So die and feed me
An endless cycle depends on your death
Fertilize the flowers, your corpse is a seed

Well, I am just happy to be alive
The air is sweeter, the sun is brighter when you die
So occupy your feeble mind and waste your rotten body
Feed your lice


from Extinction, released April 2, 2015



all rights reserved


OBNOXIOUS Lyon, France

OBNOXIOUS - Thrash Death Metal from Lyon-FR

Thanks to everybody involved in Obnoxious since the beginning, especially to Le Portos, Juju, Ludo
& Mathovitch

WE ARE DEAD 2002 - 2015
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